Saturday, April 01, 2006

Peanut Butter a la Georgia O'Keefe

I’m getting ready to go to a country whose candy quality is dubious…and no, I don’t mean Latvia, which scores an L for low on the candy scale. (Incidentally, they don’t do so bad on the packaging front: everyone was very impressed by the chocolate bars I brought back from Riga last year which featured various vampirish, red-lipped women on each bar, each one carrying a different bottle of liqueur.)

Not wanting to leave you empty-handed during my vacation, I’m going to pass on the recipe for my coup de coeur du moment. You need some peanut butter (none of that organic crap; it’s gotta have sugar!). And you need a bag of C&H brown sugar. (Those of you not living in the Empire will have a hard time finding this, so just make do with your local brand.) It’s not hard, but read closely—it’s all in the execution:

1. Take a spoonful of peanut butter and bring towards nose. Smell the sugary goodness.
2. Dip spoon into bag of brown sugar, being careful to avoid the sides of the opening, which you have probably not made large enough and which will get you in trouble with Luke if he catches you.
3. Plunge the spoon into the brown sugar.
4. Pull out, and hover the spoon above the quivering mound of sugar. Turn the spoon to the left, then the right, and to the left again, allowing excess sugar to fall off. You want a dusting of sugar, not a mountain of it.
5. Remove spoon from bag, being careful to avoid leaving traces of peanut butter on the sides.
6. Consume. Repeat.

You saw it here first, folks.

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Anonymous said...

I could see the lbs/kilos oozing on as I imagined the sweet,texturally titillating taste of your latest discovery...perhaps this is the clue to your broken seam "mystery"...take it from me, NO mystery. dgp

Moko said...

open question: if someone created an alliterative candy, what would it look/sound like?

Your brother said...

I sure can't answer that one, but I can tell you that my fellow colleagues and I have already distributed rations of brown sugar and peanut butter to each individual on the sales staff. Merci Beaucoups.