Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I Wanna Get Pregnant!

The Maclamity recently told me that Jelly Bellies give him a headache, although he couldn’t figure out why. My guess is that Europe’s intellectual heavyweight simply can’t handle the JB’s sugar content, but his comment set me to thinking, and I went a round or two with Google to find out.

On the way, however, I got sidetracked by this fantastic bit of news: between the 24th and 28th week of pregnancy, pregnant women are given a glucose tolerance test which is to detect gestational diabetes.

Typically women are given a sickeningly sweet sugary drink, which sounds excellent to me, but apparently 10 to 15pct of them either vomit or refuse to drink all of it. But now—or rather, like ten years ago, b/c I’m a bit behind on the latest in gestational diabetes—you can simply consume a massive amount of jelly beans. According to one study, no difference was found between a standardized dose of 28 jellybeans providing 50 grams of simple sugar and the 50-gram glucose beverage traditionally used. 28 Jelly Beans!!!

As a bonus, the women had fewer side effects such as nausea and headaches…and I'm sure no one made them eat the black jelly beans, which we all know are gross.

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Anonymous said...

Gross must not be a true proponent of the jelly bean or you would have photographed it more lovingly.

Moko said...

Hey, not fair! Do you really think I have a bag of Jelly Bellies sitting about uneaten in my apartment? And a baby block?!? Please.

It's a stock promotional photo : )