Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Moko Approaches the Job “Market,” Discovers the Meaning of Life in Fruit Salad

Today I had another interview, but this time with a different corporation…a corporation that doesn’t want to be a corporation. Take a look at where we were, just five minutes into the interview:

“…They wanted us to produce more of Product A. ‘There’s great demand!’ they screamed. But we put our foot down. We’re not that kind of company.”

(Meaning, not the kind that wants to make money? Who were these people? Fugazi?)

“So you want this to stay underground,” I said, “and keep it a word-of-mouth product…?”

“Well, not underground, that’s too pretentious. We want to be available to anyone who wants our product. But you know, our product is special. It’s not for anyone.”

“I understand.” (Not really.)

“You see, we’re not ‘cool people.’ We’re not cool, ok? People might think we are, but you know, that’s just an image. Everything’s about image. It’s like, we want everyone to use our product—but you know, the right people.

“Let me tell you how I started this company. I was walking around in the city and I was walking and walking and I was like, ‘This just isn’t it. It’s not here.’ And so I walked some more…So if you join us, Moko, I think that’s going to be a really important principle to guide you in the beginning.”


As I walked back to the tube station after the interview, I tried to get my head around what we’d been talking about. Cool but not cool. Profit but no profit.

Candy always helps me think so I stopped at a newsstand. But all they were selling was Extra gum. (Normally fine, but here they sell it in little tablets. Weird.) At the next one they had Haribo, but today wasn’t really a Haribo day.

And then I gave one last shop a try. Lo and behold, hidden on the bottom shelf in the corner—Fruit Salad chews!

All of a sudden I realized what Anti-Corporate Corporate Man had been talking about. It’s not about how many Fruit Salad chews are out there, it’s about whether or not you find the Fruit Salad chews to begin with...Maybe.

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