Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cadbury Offers to Pay £1 of Your Hospital Bill

From the Guardian:

More than a million Cadbury chocolate bars are to be removed from shelves amid fears that they may be contaminated with salmonella.

The 250g Dairy Milk Turkish, Dairy Milk Caramel and Dairy Milk Mint bars, the Dairy Milk 8 chunk and the 1kg Dairy Milk bar are among products affected.

The 105g Dairy Milk Buttons Easter Egg and the Freddo bar were also affected.

Q: What do all of these bars have in common?
A: They’re all bad chocolate bars to begin with.

…which is why I don’t have salmonella. If I have to eat mediocre chocolate I stick to sugar-filled Hershey's.

And you? Did you eat any Cadbury lately? If so, Cadbury is offering a special, limited-time-only salmonella refund.

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Anonymous said...

Salmonella refund? that almost sounds appealing! minus the salmonella, of course...

Moko said...

there are so many companies whose candy has made me sick that i would be very rich if everyone of them offered a refund.

...and if the sickness hadn't been tired to over-consumption.

speaking of which, has anyone else ever gotten sick eating fudge?

Anonymous said...

I went to the US last year and the first thing I bought was a hershey bar. My American friends raved about it. However, I was very disappointed, to put it bluntly, it tasted like sick. The food in the US was awful too, but maybe food just sucks in the South. I did like your coffee though, fantastic!

Moko said...

If you can embrace butter you'll eventually come around to Southern food...and oh the biscuits (American meaning, that is) and pies!!

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