Friday, June 16, 2006

Coca Cola Zero

Normally I’m quite wary of diet sodas. Not, mind you, because I’m against the idea of fake sugar. Some people whine a lot about fake sugar and laboratory rats and synthetic crap, but those people are hippies. They don’t even eat real sugar.

Still, I don’t normally drink diet sodas, mainly because I’m afraid of looking like one of those California blondes who chugs diet soda while alternating salad and cell phone.

But today, as I sat typing at my desk, I heard a guy down the hall exclaim, “It’s new! It’s fantastic! It’s soda!” and then, one hour later, a female voice say, “This is even better than Diet Cherry Coke!”

The praise echoed throughout the hall, past the lava lamps and company dog and landed right on my desk. So I made a beeline for the fridge, where I discovered a few remaining cans of Coca Cola Zero. It’s like Coca Cola, but with zero calories. Fantastic.

“Wow!” I shouted to no one in particular.

“Isn’t it great?” said a guy walking buy. “It’s like Coke, but without the calories!”

“Um, isn’t that what Diet Coke is?” [that’s you saying that this time, not a colleague]

Yes. But it’s not. There’s something different amidst all the polypeptidefructosease that makes this infinitely more tasty than Diet Coke.

You must try it.

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Anonymous said...

It's probably being tested first on you lab rats in the UK.

Moko said...

really? it's not in the U.S.? how could something so good not be available to the Empire?

unless, like you said, they want to make sure there's nothing wrong with it...they surely must do some funny stuff to get such a yummy soda down to zero calories

Anonymous said...

I found it today...not sure I share your wholehearted enthusiasm...jury's still out.

Moko said...

you've got to take my review with a grain of, er. saccharine. i think coke zero is great for being diet soda. but it's still diet soda.

but for being diet soda, it still beats the bazongas out of diet coke, which in my mind has already been beated by coca lite (the euro version of Diet Coke) and diet cherry coke.