Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Today I’m going to do something I’ve never done before and simply give you a candy recommendation. Normally I’d write about my chocolate stalking, choco-politico theories, or my campaign to destroy Kit Kat, but this morning I woke up at peace with the world, and only have nice things to say. Even old Kit Kat and stupid Kinder Eggs could get a smile from me today.

So, without further ado, I present you my new favorite: Fruit-tella.

Why is Fruit-tella so fruitastic? According to its Dutch maker, Perfetti:
• 33% less calories than ordinary sugar candies
• Tooth friendly

That means that you can have one whole box, plus a part of another one—and only pay the calorie count of one normal Fruit-tella box! Or I guess you could have just one box, save the calories, and really feel like you were being healthy. But that’s not very fun. And! And! It will make your teeth happy!

I’ve only seen strawberry flavor so far. They taste a bit like a cross between taffy and Starbursts and are quite satisfying.

But let's talk about the packaging. For something that tastes this good, Fruit-tella looks way too check-out stand / last-minute buy / healthy mint lozenge-ish. They need to do something more attention grabbing, like a woman with 33% of her clothes removed, or dancing molars in top hats. And of course the name couldn’t be dumber: Fruit-tella. Does that mean “Fruit—almost” in Dutch?

Bottom line:
Taste: 7
Packaging: 2

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