Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Moko Sticks it to the Man One Pastille at a Time

After a brief flirtation with freelancing, the Moko returned today to the world of riches, bosses, catty colleagues, and a life outside her kitchen. In other words, the Moko went and got herself a proper job. Avec qui? You ask. Well, with the people that put me through a billion interviews and had the gall to stick a large jar of candy next to me during one particularly excruciating session.

While I originally thought that the candy torture meant the company was evil, I now realize that the clever interviewers had done an extensive background check and were simply testing my will power. And clearly, I rose to the challenge—no matter how close they put the candy jar during the interview, I didn’t crack once, and waited until I was safely outside their building to run for my sugar fix.

You may question their cruel methods, but the company claims this is the way they separate the crème anglaise from the crème fraiche.

Nevertheless, the first thing I did when I was unchained from my desk was to raid the company cafeteria, where I promptly picked up a pack of Pastilles, England’s answer to hard gum drops. The candies weren’t that great (and contained the dreaded black currant) but that didn’t matter—I had had my revenge on my interviewers. And no matter how this job goes, I know I will at least eat my worth in free candy!

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