Saturday, June 17, 2006


R is for radical!
E is for excellent!
V is for vavavoom!
E is for another excellent!
L is for loooooove!
S is for Super Duper!

Gooooo Revels!

I may not have gotten sufficient cheerleading training in high school to write an appropriate cheer for Revels, but this new chocolate candy pack deserves a cheer:

There are six little letters in your name,
And six little candies in your game,
Chocolate-coffee, chocolate-raisin, chocolate-orange and then,
Chocolate-caramel, chocolate-chocolate, chocolate malt—Zen!

I’ll spare you any more, but I just can't contain my enthusiasm for Revels. They are my new favorite thing. Yes, I know I said Fruit-tella was my new favorite thing, and then Coke Zero, but this one’s the real thing. Promise.

Six different taste explosions!

If only there was more time in the day.

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Conrad_Poohs_and_his_Dancing_Teeth said...

They changed the old peanut revel into a raisin one. A shame, because there was a good Russian roulette style game you could force people with nut allergies to play.

Moko said...

well, i have to admit that if there had been a peanut REVEL i never would have given it such a good review...but i'm also willing to admit that that's just a taste preference thing (vs. my anti-Cadbury's stance, which is just plainly correct)