Friday, July 07, 2006

Allez les bleus!

I'm in Paris for work this week and last night a colleague invited me to a World Cup semi-final she was throwing at her apartment. Now, did I really truly care whether or not France won? Of course not. Just one week before I had been rooting for England next to hairy, crying men in a pub in London. And the week before that I rooted for the U.S.A. with my backwards-baseball-cap-wearing cousin. When it comes to le foot, I am very flexible.

What makes it so easy for me to switch allegiances and root for each team as though each member was my own brother?

Candy of course.

During the U.S. game I had my Extra gum. During the England game I had English hard candies. And during the French game last night I stocked up on Carambar—one of my favorite candies to eat when ripe.

I say “ripe,” incidentally, because Carambars are known for always being stale. That is probably because the French don’t like GMOs and preservatives and all other things that make gigantic watermelons, Twinkies, and four-eyed tomatoes possible. A shame, really.

But if you can manage to find a juicy Carmabar—oh, what pleasure. The cola and nougat ones are divine.

Oh, and they also have really dumb jokes on them that I never understand. The last one I remember reading was submitted by a 5-year old and was about a piece of wood. And while wood and its many meanings have provided fodder for 13-to-28-year-old boys around the world, this one had to do with a piece of wood and a scarecrow. F-u-n-n-y.

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bikoko said...

as long as you don't stand by italians you'll be fine and we might keep our friendship.

As for the carambar I got plenty of them, I used to be fond of the fruit taste but now I'm back to the roots, the original caramel one!

Moko said...

oh, the caramel is the most shameful of all of them. and it tastes absolutely horrible when stale--which is 90 pct of the time.

fyi i rooted for the frenchies today

bingo said...

what has happened to the moko?

Moko said...

the moko had two weeks in which she worked in four countries.

that made moko very tired.

and between having to choose to make time to find sugar, or choose to write about sugar, you can guess what the moko made her top priority.