Saturday, July 01, 2006

First Ambassador of Kin’po Ambassador Program Stripped of his Ambassadorship. However, He Still Has the Kin’po I Gave Him and He Should Give It Back!

The night before I left for Madrid, I held a long ceremony in my home to honor young William, the first ever Kin’po Ambassador. Young William, with his sparkling teeth and commitment to dental floss, seemed to be going places (notably, dental school). Plus, the fact that he was my cousin made him a logical choice to become the first honorary ambassador to spread The Moko’s message around the world.

Young William wished me well on my Madrid trip, noting that he had left me two bags of Revels in the refrigerator. What a wonderful cousin! Clearly, I had made a good choice in taking him through The Rites of Sugar and other elements of the Ambassador Program.

I left London believing that my sugar flock was in safe hands…but when I returned and opened the fridge I discovered that young William (who it seems develops quite a sweet tooth under the influence of alcohol) had eaten ALL OF THE REVELS HE HAD GIFTED ME!

Who does that? Not a Kin’po Ambassador, that’s for sure.

And don’t think, young William, that your dental school won’t be hearing about both your sweet tooth and your treachery.

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