Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ice Cream City!

The country that has a Curry Museum, a ginormous Buddha, and a Ninja Museum has recently added Ice Cream City to its list of tourist attractions. Unfortunatley, I wasn’t there to see even a scoop of it.

Still, you can read all about it on the blog of Tokyo correspondent Louise (who probably doesn’t know that she is one of our Tokyo correspondents, and maybe doesn’t know who The Moko is, either).

By some cruel, administrative snafu, The Moko was not invited to the opening of Ice Cream City, which makes it impossible for her to report on all of the different flavor sensations available in this town of tastetastic. But it would appear that Louise and her expert testing team were not so impressed by the shrimp or beef tongue flavors.

But then, when has ice cream ever been bad? And can we really trust Louise? I remember a passing comment Ms. L made about American sweets being too sweet. What's with you Europeans and your big and fancy semi-sweet desserts? You just don’t seem to get that all one really needs in life is a bag of sugar and a bit of topping (peanut butter, fat, or chocolate) to accompany it.

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Peter said...

BTW, if you're ever in Salisbury, there's an Italian guy in the Market Square who sells the most unbelievable ice cream. I like to describe it as a cross between the best ice cream I've ever had, and treble clotted cream(sorry, I've only tried vanilla. Chocolate might kill me). I had to go to Thornton's after to get treacle to cleanse my palate(and promptly forgot the box in the off-license)