Monday, July 31, 2006

Racist Candy Tastes Bad

As I shuffled my way through Barajas airport last Thursday, I slipped on my sandal and came eye to eye with a curious face staring out at me from the vending machine.

I gasped upon realizing what I had just discovered—that Conguitos, one of Spain's favorite racist candies, were in fact still being sold on this planet.

Conguitos ranks high up in the offensive category, along with France’s Tete de negre (now discontinued), Spain’s Cola Cao, and Germany’s Kinder Egg (it’s just plain offensive—not racist).

But, dear readers, in the midst of bad news there is always good: I am pleased to report that one of the world’s most racist chocolates doesn’t even taste good, and are in fact little more than bittersweet chocolate-covered peanuts.

This realization came as a big relief: It would have been a painful boycott if these things had been tasty.

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bikoko said...

I don't think Nigger-head had been discontinued in France, you can still find that pastries in regulare baker-shop, or I've been in Japan for too long.

Do they have water from the pipe and postal services in France?

Moko said...

maybe the pastry still exists (though I've never seen it), but the packaged candy/chocolate has been discontinued and is now called...hmmm, can't remember. anyway, it's not really that tasty so, like the conguitos, one doesn't really have to worry about staging a boycott.

red bean said...

While I was growing up in Taiwan, they used to sell this toothpaste called "Black Man Toothpaste". It has a picture of a black man with really white teeth. As Taiwan wasn't exactly an international city then, people in Taiwan didn't even realize that it was offensive, until Taiwanese business men started traveling to the US, and got their lugguage searched by African-American custom officers. Heh. Can you just imagine that scene. Now the toothpaste is called something else but it is also still around.

Moko said...

did they change the image on the taiwanese toothpaste? or is it now called "Extra Special White Teeth Toothpaste" and still has they used with "Black Man Toothpaste"?

and another question:

was it effective at fighting gingivitis?

bikoko said...

what about fighting Genghis Kahn?

(not the philosopher, uh!)

Anonymous said...

It used to be worse, the character carried a spear and a shield...