Saturday, July 22, 2006

Should Companies Give Their Employees Free Food?

Yes, it means they work longer hours, and spend more time in their chairs and under the company’s other mind-control devices, but is it possible that employees could actually eat their way past these benefits?

Take a look at my lunch today:
Ratatouille – ok
Fruit salad – ok
Artichokes – ok though rather pointless (what's the deal with artichokes, anyway?)
3 pieces of chocolate cake – hmmm

So, if you added my future hospital bills to the chocolate cake bill, is it possible that my employer actually loses in this deal?

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Anonymous said...

Get thee to the employee's gym!! Fast.

bikoko said...

"Artichokes is a meal for the poors, see, you got more in your plate at the end of your meal than when you started it"

Coluche - french humorist

Moko said...

hmm, not bad. but if that's true then artichokes are also like work and socialism.


Anonymous said...

they'll can you before then and don't expect much of a pension. They're smooth operators these companies; always one step ahead. Don't believe their lies!

Moko said...

it sounds like you know yourself about the choco cake policy, eh?

it also sounds like you're an american. in europe you can't get fired. even if you kill someone they still would have to give you three months' notice.

red bean said...

if the picture of the chocolate cake is indeed the cake that they serve at the company, then it might actually be a sin NOT to eat it. All a matter of perspective.

Moko said...

the actual choc. cake is bigger but without, unfortunately, the moussey goodness of this one.

speaking of my work, david hasselhoff supposedly came by yesterday to sing everyone his latest song. highly recommended: