Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bring on the Candy!

So this is just a trial. For the moment the AdSense ads are about Hurricane Katrina. While that is certainly a most worthy cause, the lack of candy ads is also of concern. So let's see if we can't get some candy ads up there, shall we? Here we go:

I love candy. Candy is great. Skittles are fantastic. But so is Nestle. Oh! But then there's also Cadbury. Cadbury's great. Cadbury. Skittles. Nestle. Nestle chocolate. Skittles candy. Cadbury chocolate. Exotic candy is good. Foreign candy is fun. Expensive candy is expensive. Nostalgic candy is great for nostalgia. Sexy candy is great. Like Red Hots by Ferrara Dan.

But maybe chocolate is my favorite. Not, mind you, Sees or Russell Stover, although those are also good. But my favorite is Maison du Chocolat (yeah, as if that snobby chocolate maker has AdWords. I bet they don't event know that the Internet exists).

Candy candy candy yum yum. I want candy you want candy I want candy ads. Candy candy companies send me free candy!

Ok, that's it. If this doesn't work I'm taking these ads off--they're ugly.

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