Tuesday, August 29, 2006

German Dicks

Many years ago when I was living in the pre-Alps with my Auntie J., the two of us decided to leave the comfort of the Gruyere Valley and head into uncharted linguistic territory. On our way to a very famous waterfall whose name I should probably remember but don’t, we stopped at a McDonalds to order some food.

When we reached the drive-through intercom, the first thing we spotted was a large photo of fries—fries whose length, strength, and virility recalled the force of an Ionic column. Next to these hearty samples, and in large letters was the following:


Auntie J. and I had a hard time controlling ourselves as we ordered the extra dick fries, but my aunt made an admirable go at it, using her high-level German skills (“I” + “too eat” + “extra dick”) to get us our food. The teenage boy serving us seemed to get what we were laughing about, as he was a bit red in the face by the time we reached the dirve-up window to pick up our dicks. They were yummy.

…Anyway, that was my first encounter with German dicks. The second was last week at trivia night, when energy editor to the stars, S.C., brought me back these fine mini dicks from Deutschland.

To be perfectly honest, I prefer McDonald’s dicks to these dicks, if only because stale chocolate and marshmallow, while certainly dick as promised, are not really so tasty. But still, I managed to eat the whole box as we sat at the pub, delighting in all of the dirty things I would be able to say in this blog post.

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Anonymous said...

your German friends will no doubt remind you that it's "dich"...but it certainly brings a smile when thinking about supersized fries!

Moko said...

yesyes, but pronounced d-i-c-k, or at least that's how i heard it...and that's all that matters! : )

Anonymous said...

Actually the moko was right all along. Dick and dich are too different words in German. Since dich means you and dick means thick, I have difficulty believing it was dich.

Moko said...

hehehe, that's right, i was right all along. i know my dicks from my dichs

bikoko said...

could "dick" mean fat too?

and I haven't check any online dictionnary before writing that post

Moko said...

i'm not sure i understand the difference between fat and thick.

i guess is fat, like i'll look fat in twenty years if i continue to eat like i do now. and thick, well, that's like, that is a thick chocolate fondue you have created, monsieur bikoko!

either way a dick's a dick in german.