Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Hour (no candy)

Friday is Happy Hour at my workplace, and it’s when The Company feeds us with pizza, alcohol, and a wee bit o’ propaganda. After the ten-minute presentation on that week’s subject we are handed over to the beer and wine bottles and allowed to socialize with each other. This is a fantastic time to meet with colleagues and discuss all of the projects that you were already discussing with them earlier in the day.

Now, while it doesn’t involve candy, I’d like to share with you the drinking game I invented last Friday, while in attendance of Happy Hour. Each time you hear one of the below words you take a sip—this is guaranteed to get those of you in the tech or business worlds very drunk:
• Viral
• Core Competencies
• Ping
• Action Point / Action Item (versus a “passive point”???)
• Talking Point
• Loop / Sync (used as a verb, a noun, an adjective, a preposition…)
• Thread
• Back-end
• Long Tail (if I hear this term one more time I will shoot someone)

I realize that many of you do not belong to the tech industry, and so I’m providing a whole separate set of terms for my journalist, academic, and publishing friends:
• Israel
• Fox News
• America
• Books
• “You know, Nabokov wrote in English.”

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