Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Mouth, Sparkle Mouth

That’s what Orbit gum should have been called.

And maybe, if it had been created in Japan, that would actually be its name.

Or maybe Happy Mouth Teeth Pleasure.

You might take issue with the bizarre name, but you have to admit that it’s a much better description of the fantasticity of Orbit gum than the word “orbit” is…which makes me think I’m going to have a cosmic chewing experience. And, while Orbit is certainly out of this world, well, really, let’s be practical here. It’s not really out of this world.

We have lots of things to learn from the Japanese when it comes to naming our products. For example, I have some mugs I picked up last year at the 100 yen shop, and which have this very poetic and totally nonsensical French phrase inscribed on them:
When it rains milk like tea time the doves

In any case, thanks to the Baron for having sent me Orbit! Sparkle mouth sparkles!

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the Baron said...

Note to readers: only the bubblemint orbit gum is worth chewing. the others will not make your mouth as happy, though if you get the teeth-whitening variety, they might still make your mouth sparkle. in particular, you should avoid the citrus mint, which tastes like watered-down orange gatorade gum.

i agree, moko, that orbit gum is not particularly well-named. the name makes me think there should be little sugar flavor crystals embedded in the gum (you know, like meteors or something).

Moko said...

somehow i missed this comment until now--sorry, oh faithful baron!

i have to agree that the best choice is definitely the pinky purple bubblemint.

but i found the more generic minty one also good.