Sunday, August 06, 2006

Where is my Free Candy???

I’ve been doing this blog for three months now, and I have yet to get anything out of it. I mean, of course I am doing this all for you—to provide you with a daily two minute and twenty-two second (=average page view) respite from your candy-less jobs.

But I’m also doing it for me. And while I may have the occasional reader in Korea and Australia (who are you?!? Thank you! Welcome! Sit down! Have a Kin’po! But who are you?!?), not a single candy company has showered me with gifts in the hopes of gaining editorial favor. Granted, with subjects like “Is Kit Kat gay?” I can’t expect much from Nestle, but they’re evil baby killers anyway so what do I care? (Note to Nestle: there are ways to convince me otherwise, but make sure they involve Crunch bars and not Peppermint Crisp bars.)

So I’m thinking of using AdSense with the hopes that my tags and candy words will make the Google gods match up my content with candy providers around the world. And that then, because all of you will order at least three products a day via these ads, that those providers will stand up and take notice and start sending me the candy I rightly deserve.

I’m just warning you: AdSense is on my brain.

...That and a hot fudge sundae.

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Candy Guy said...

It takes time. I don't remember exactly how long it was after I started til the time I got my first free candy from a candy company, but it was exciting when it did happen.

Hang in there. Keep at it. Build up a readership and a reputation then once you have that, the candy will start flowing :)

Email me directly and I'll share some more info. I would have emailed you but I don't see an email/contact listed for you.

Oh - and do the AdSesnse thing - for sure.


Moko said...

Thanks for the tips, Brian. I have to admit, though, the only real candy I want for free is Bottlecaps.

Oh, and Nerds. ANd maybe Kit Kat Crunchy. And Haribo.

Ok, so maybe I should be a bit more serious about the whole thing : )