Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Top Ten (take II)

That first top ten list generated a lot of comments…not, mind you, because you wholeheartedly agreed that sugarfree Mentos don’t deserve to exist, but rather because you wanted to lecture me on how to count. (Interestingly, many of you gentle souls chose to send the correction by private e-mail, afraid the fragile Moko couldn't take being told that the number 9 comes after the number 8.)

But if there’s going to be a top ten hates, there certainly must be a top ten loves. And here they are:

1. Chocolate chip cookie batter – they are the only reason I make cookies.
2. Paul A. Young’s blueberry brownie – I know I’ve said brownies are a non-dessert, but this is something else. I believe I’ve also gone on the record as saying I was trying to destroy Paul A. Young and his chocolate legacy. But you see, people can change.
3. Really long walks in the winter that are interrupted by hot chocolate breaks.
4. Lying on my lawn in the summer from the age of 0 to 18—after which point I was whisked away to cold lands with cold people. Yes, LondonSwitzerlandJapanFranceEurope-yes, I'm talking to you.
5. Window shopping with sweet grog in my hands in the pre-Alps, as little men in lederhosen danced a Christmas jig. (This actually never happened, but I dreamed of it so many times while I lived in that land of cows and septagenarians that it might as well be true.)
6. The fleeting ecstasy of discovering the Cailler tasting room--right before being kicked out of it.
7. Bananas. And Mexican hot chocolate. They tie.
8. Maison du chocolat Tanzanian. So tasty that you know it could only have been harvested by happy, well-paid farmers.
9. My family—I like them.
10. The sweet shop in Amsterdam. It was the most intense candy experience I’ve ever had in my life. The sugar crystals on the Haribo peach rings shot through my mouth like sweet, snappy prickles of pleasure. The long gummy worm seemed to take two hours to eat, dangling from my mouth down into a black hole of neverending gummy. And the jawbreaker rolled about in my mouth in such a way that I was sure I had lost control of my tongue. Amazing.

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Anonymous said...

I was heartened to see that there are things you DO like and that your family is among them...!

Anonymous said...

hmm, what was in the candy in Amsterdam????