Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Chocolate Largesse

On the 15th day of Halloween my true love’s (good friend) gave to me:

An enormous chocolate skyscraper!

This past weekend, Mr. Dholoko (a good friend of the Moko and her chocolate hater) sent on this interesting bit of news about an ambitious chocolate chef who has just created the world’s tallest chocolate skyscraper. Nevermind that his chocolate skyscraper is an aesthetic mish-mash of a “little bit of the Rockefeller Center, a little bit of the Empire (State Building) and a little bit of the Chrysler Building”—even an ugly chocolate skyscraper is still a chocolate skyscraper.

Can you imagine what it would be like to live there? The chocolate shower would be divine, as would the chocolate kitchen filled with chocolate fruit, chocolate cereal, and chocolate tea. Heating anything up on the stove, of course, would be a bit problematic, but who needs warm food and drinks when you can rely on cold chocolate pizza and chocolate milk?

Having a chocolate bed would also be kinda gross, and I don’t think I’d let anyone sit on my chocolate sofa—what if I wanted to eat it some day? Speaking of which, I don’t think I could be trusted to maintain the value of the property, as my chocolate consumption and lack of will power would probably give new meaning to eating one’s way out of house and home…

Still, it’s not a bad idea, and I was really excited about all the possibilities that this revolutionary chef had thrown into my head via his 6.4-meter masterpiece.

But then I read this quote from the chef, talking about the motivation behind his creation: “My goal was really to reach the height." Meaning he didn’t care about the chocolate or the chocolate insides at all! This is a hollow skyscraper in the most literal and poetic of senses—no chocolate kitchen, no bowl of chocolate fruit, no chocolate soul—nothing!

I hope his skyscraper melts before his feat has a chance to be published in the Guinness Book.

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