Friday, October 13, 2006

Halloween Sing-a-long!

Only 19 more days until I am once again crushed by the reminder from evil adults that I no longer can trick-or-treat.

Nevertheless, that's 19 days away, and right now I'm giddy as a Moko can be. Sing along with me!

On the 19th day of Halloween my true love gave to me:

19 corns of candy
18 maids of Lik-a
17 bears of gummy
16 pumpkins dancing
15 Revels bouncing
14 Reese’s Pieces
13 pumpkin cookies
12 Wuther’s Originals
11 mini Kit-Kats (which I give to my brother because they are so boring)
10 gummy witches
9 Special Darks
8 orange lollipops
7 shiny apples (straight to trash)
6 pumpkin pies
5 Tropical Skittles
4 U.S. Starbursts
3 cheapo candies
2 greedy hands

And a jumbo bag of Brach’s special mix!

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Sera said...

I cannot BEGIN to describe how much I love the Brach's Mallowcreme Pumpkin/Special/Autumn Mixes!!!


I feel your pain, I wanna go trick or treating to...*grumble grumble*

Moko said...

what's far more upsetting than not being able to trick or treat is when your local supermarket replaces traditional Brach's with those cheap versions! the horror! the horror!

Sera said...

I agree! ACK!

As long as most people (I'd assume) know which is the good stuff, right?

Have you ever compared the Brach's Mallowcreme Pumpkins to the ones that Jelly Belly makes? I am hesitant to compare myself.... I'm curious if you've taken the plunge. :P

Moko said...

Jelly Belly makes pumpkins? Or simply pumpkin-flavored jelly beans? In any case, I get nrevous about sampling any Jelly Bellies that remind me of vegetables or popcorn.

THat popcorn one is just horrible. Even just thinking about it nearly ruins my whole night.

Sera said...

Yeah, Jelly Belly makes Mallowcreme Pumpkins, take a look:

Pumpkin jelly beans? Call me crazy (I love pumpkin flavor!) but I think I'd really like that! :P

Did you hear that they make a roasted garlic flavor jelly bean? EEEYYYUCCKKK! I'd take popcorn over that any day!

Moko said...

hmm...those could be good.

however, i take issue with jelly belly's attempt at candy corn. the only people in the entire world with the right to do those are Brach's!