Monday, October 23, 2006

Wine and Raw Eggs

A lot of us, when drunk, do some really stupid things. Some of us become belligerent; others think we are so very attractive that we should hit on any pair of legs we see. Some of us are crying drunks, others of us start singing showtunes.

And some of us…well, some of us lose all sense of judgment and decide that a) midnight is a perfectly acceptable time to start making cookies, and b) that once the cookie batter is ready to go, it’s really not so necessary to put that batter in the oven since all that really matters is that the sugar connects with one’s stomach.

In other words, on the 9th day of Halloween, and in an attempt to achieve the most concentrated form of cookie sugariness possible, I risked salmonella 24 times , gave away 6 (cooked) cookies, and woke up this morning with a bit of a stomach ache.

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