Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chocolate Books

It’s Sunday and raining (it’s London). I walk up to the cashier at Barnes&Noble and thump my Scrabble board down. (I know, I live a pretty wild life.)

The bookish indie rockster (you know the type) raises an eyebrow at my choice, but I offer nothing but a pure “cool kids rock Scrabble” stare.

He looks to the left. Looks to the right. And then, lowering his voice, he says:

“Do you want chocolate?”

Before I can say a word, Willy Wonka pulls two of these fine Green&Black’s chocolate bars from his pocket. It is, he says, a free handout to anyway making a purchase at Barnes&Noble. But he is giving me two bars, not one.

As I smear the chocolatey goodness all over my face as I walk back home, it strikes me that the Barnes&Noble / Green&Black marriage is a bit bizarre. Other than the affected “&” in their names, what do these two companies have in common?

Then again, I guess people who actually bother to read books might like to think of themselves as connoisseurs of other things—like fair trade chocolate and yoga mats and scented candles and stuff. And I guess it makes more sense for Barnes& Noble to partner with a chocolate company than, say, to partner with dog food or eggs or something.

In any case, I’m not complaining. This promotion is even better than the time I got a free piece of gum for “being a good girl” when I had to get my TB test!

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BLOOD AMBITION 2006 said...

Green&Black's products are the only edible morsels in all of the UK. No wonder they all have scurvy.