Sunday, November 05, 2006

Me, Ice Cream and a Chair

Last night I went to see Sufijan Stevens—the guy with lots of banjos and bells. I really liked him during my Paris days, got bored of him during my time in Tokyo, and am now have returned to liking him in London.

Anyway, it was a great show. Why? Well sure, the music was good, but that’s not the important part.

The first highlight was that we got to sit for the whole show. It was fantastic. No neck craning. No legs getting tired. No getting my hand stepped on by the bassist from They Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead. All concerts should be like this. (Though, having said that, I guess I’m getting to the age where all shows targeted at my age group—classical music, jazz, and the real death toll of youth, world music—will be sitting by default since that’s what old folks like to do.)

The second exciting thing was the Green & Black's dark chocolate ice cream bars that were being sold in the lobby. I could sit through polka or country music or even that techno that those English footballers listen to--all of that if someone would just give me an ice cream bar.

The Green & Black's bars are particularly good. They’re also Fair Trade friendly, which I imagine sits well with all of The Sufjan Steven-listening, aging hipster types who have finally left their post-graduation, non-profit jobs and are now making enough money that they can afford to fill the hole in their corporate souls by buying organic milk. Yum.

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