Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Trident Splash: more like a few drips of water

Day One of my return home to the mothership was spent sleeping. Sleeping and reading a complementary copy of People magazine. Did you guys know that a couple known as Ryan and Reese broke up and someone named Nicole Ritchie is too thin?

Day Two was spent exercising my British pounds of muscle in the stores of San Francisco.

Day Three took me to Walgreens, where I discovered this little gem: Trident Splash. The descriptor is that it’s strawberry gum with a lime-filled center. Sounds either really disgusting or the most exciting, candy-esque thing to ever happen to the gum world, right???

Well, the truth is it’s not much of anything. It’s just so-so. However, if you plan your first bite perfectly—squarely in the middle of your front teeth, with the two buck teeth slicing in two the center of the gum—then you really do get a burst of juice. That’s a very exciting feeling and I encourage all of you to try it at home. Now.

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