Thursday, December 14, 2006

Trifle - Just Say No

I’ve built up a reputation amongst my friends and colleagues as a bit of a sugar freak. Mind you, it hasn’t been intentional. I simply can’t help it if each time someone mentions chocolate or sugar my eyes light up and a smile sweeps across my face as I’m transported to Candyland.

While having such a reputation usually comes in handy and can often mean I garner extra sweets from those around me, it can also be a bit of a pain. The peer pressure to eat everything people give you is enormous.

Take last weekend. We were invited to a Christmas party--my first English Christmas party!--which was full of wonderful food. As I passed through the kitchen I asked the hostess what was for dessert.

“It’s sweet! You’ll like it!” she responded.

When dessert was served, I stared in horror at this gelatin-y mass of gelatin wobbling atop some fruit and spongey stuff. Everyone else ooohed and aahed. But I was reminded of golashes walking through mud.

The hostess dished up a large portion for me, handing this thing—“trifle” she called it—over to me with a smile. Knowing that I always give a big thumbs-up to all of her desserts, she watched me closely as I took my first bite. And my second. And my third.

I had to finish the whole thing.

Peer pressure--and trifle--are horrible things. Once again, the English have distinguished themselves in an unfortunate way.


Pennywhistle Paul said...

"Mind you, it hasn't been intentional."

I'm just checking, but don't you have an entire blog dedicated to your sugar obsession?

Moko said...

actually, only one co-worker and exactly four friends know of this blog, so believe me, other than the drool that runs down my face each time people break out sugar in my presence, really, i'm quite discreet : )