Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Moko Wishes Whole Foods Never Happened

The other day L. and I met our friend Yukiko and her husband in Shibuya, Tokyo for lunch and dessert. Although she would never admit it, Yukiko is a big sweet lover. She once accompanied me as I walked passed the same department store entrance multiple times as as to get extra handouts of fruity Mentos.

That’s why I knew that if we both settled on a dessert spot it was bound to be good.

We stopped in front of the Bio Cafe, possibly drawn to the earthy, pure, magnetic goodness force the place was emitting. The name alone should have warned me, as everyone knows that anything “bio” is little more than healthy mush. And when it comes to bio dessert, it’s like healthy mush with carob chips and dried fruit.

But somehow the excitement of seeing old friends clouded my judgment, and I pushed Yukiko and her husband inside.

What a mistake. The picture above is of our four desserts: all-natural, no-sugar, red bean cheesecake; no-flavor pumpkin cake; a taro flan (what was I thinking?? I HATE flan); and a profiterole with cream made from a well-treated cow who was massaged and loved before being pumped for his milk.


Anonymous said...

it's apparent you're no farm girl...last I checked a milk-producing cow is always a female, massaged or not...

Moko said...

hehe, very true.

but culturally speaking, i think cows are all male. like how boats and cats are female, and dogs are male.