Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Real Gingerbread House

A few of you individually emailed me to congratulate me on my pretty gingerbread house, below. you really think the Moko's feminine arms look like that? That wasn't my gingerbread house at all, folks.

This (above) is my um, gingerbread house.

But it's not gingerbread. I had no ginger, no cinnamon, no rolling pin, and no ruler, so I couldn't make a proper house. So instead I made nutmeg-masala bread and created what one of you generously called a "sweat lodge."

I had a really great idea for a road leading up to my lodge--strips of fruits stripes with sesame seeds for cobblestones--but, um, that bag somehow disappeared before the house finished baking.

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Anonymous said...

Um, not to be critical, but you've either created an avante garde open-air candy-on-gingerbread retaining wall OR it appears that some traditional housing super structure is any rate, A+++ for the try! A tiny little Santa should have no trouble navigating the rubble of candy remains once the Moko starts devouring her creation!

Moko said...

avante garde, definitely avante garde. and totally intentional.

it's nice to see one's vision recognized.