Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Washed Up

This is a picture of the cups in our bathroom in our hotel in Yakushima, Japan from a few days ago.

The Japanese text tells you that the cup is sterilized/disinfected.

The English translation reads a bit differently.

(Yes yes, the Moko knows this has nothing to do with sweets. But she is so stuffed with pumpkin pie, green and red M&Ms, See’s chocolates, plain sugar cookies, iced sugar cookies, crème brulée, chocolate mousse, and tarte tatin that she can’t really think to write about sugar right now. In fact, the Moko’s thinking she may have overdone it a bit, as she’s hovering between a state of sugar-induced bliss and absolute nausea, with the needle moving closer towards nausea each minute.)

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