Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Dreams Dashed by the Threat of Hard Work

For the past two years I've been dreaming of opening my own Japanese sweets shop in the U.S. It would have all the sweets you could imagine (minus maybe these), and would force the beauty of red bean paste on my beloved Americans. As Eri would say, "this is very yum."

But watching this video makes me think it's a bit harder than I realized. A good way to release anger, though.


bikoko said...

I still don't see what is tough to have people doing the work for you.

I watched at these people, a mug of coffee in my hand and don't feel bagged at all.

I'm confident I could do the same having them for real in front of me (hint : can I be your production manager for your japanese facilities?)

Moko said...

jeez, bikoko. the idea had been that i would be one of the mochi workers...maybe even the only mochi worker in my shop. there'd be nothing but me, the mochi, and a medieval kiln and rice beating thing.

but i'll defintely let you know if i decide to open a sweat shop. you seem to be the man to run it. : )

Sera said...

Oooo, that looks like fun! :)

I'd definately buy your Japanese sweets! Oishii!