Sunday, February 04, 2007

Moko Wants More Candy Hearts

Dear Mother,

The package of candy hearts you sent arrived here yesterday. They were very good, but went a bit quickly, so you might want to consider sending on some new supplies.

Rest assured that these are not just for me. There are the neighborhood children, you know, Chelsea, Zoe, and little Robert (the one with the limp and funny eye), and I’m sure they’d love to taste the delights of our seasonal candy hearts.

When they’re not out chopping wood and helping their mum prepare the mint jelly and Yorkshire puddings, the children (bless them!) love to come ‘round and play “Americans.” Mother, you’d get a real kick out of that. We dress up as Americans and I make pasta and burritos and we sit around and say “shucks” a lot and play Monopoly. You can imagine, then, how much they would love to discover what it’s like to be an American on Valentine’s Day. Could you send some more candy hearts on, then? Would you do it for the children?

With love as always,

Your Moko


Anonymous said...

My dear daughter, I was going to instruct you to tell those British brats to go find their own candy hearts, but then realized I should be more sensitive. So instead, I'll look forward to meeting the little children (Chelsea, Zoe, and little Robert) and have them tell me just how very much they enjoyed having you share your candy hearts with them!! And perhaps I'll bring along a few for the children when I come to visit! With love, your mum

Moko said...

um, could youjust send the candy hearts now?

i mean, i wouldn't want to make the children wait...

Anonymous said...

um, NO. It costs me $9 to send a $1.00 bag of candy! One must learn the lesson of moderation, my child. Get your employer to arrange for candy hearts on the menu (like the international food you used to have to eat in college)!! Or is there a copyright problem??!!