Saturday, February 10, 2007

Notes from yesterday’s meeting

Yesterday I was sitting in a lunch meeting with a man I was hoping to workseduce. I was going through my spiel about how great a collaboration between my company and his NGO could be when the waiter came in with one of the best coffee-flavored cakes I’ve ever tasted.

(Interestingly, this superlative cake was hardly the work of five, golden-spatula'd pastry chefs from La Tour d'Argent. In fact, given that we were eating lunch in the cafeteria owned by this man's non-profit, it's entirely possible that this was a straight-from-the-freezer little number.)

Anyway, I was confronted with a big dilemma: did I ignore my dessert and continue my pitch? Or did I halt my speech to eat the dessert?

So, yeah...that's how the meeting went.

(P.S. The image is from Gerhard Michler, a cake maker in S.F. , but I'm pretty sure this is the same sort of jaconde cake I had.)

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