Saturday, March 03, 2007

Barcelona = Toblerone

Tonight I’m in Barcelona. I don’t recognize any of it. The last time I was here for a substantial period of time (read: two days) was eight years ago, when I did the whole Gaudi-visiting, student-bumming-about, crashing-on-the-floor-of-an-illegal-immigrant thing while I was travelling about on my Eurail pass.

But tonight I’ve been staring out my window and I’m realizing none of this looks familiar to me. What I thought was the Ramblas is in fact a highway into the city, and where I had remembered Parque Guell I’m now seeing a massive cruise ship. Barcelona is surely somewhere in the midst of all this, but I’m not finding it.

When confronted with a landscape of chaos, the traveller must turn to the familiar.

And in the Hotel Marina mini-bar, all my favorites are visible. For the past few hours I’ve been eyeing the long, elegant Toberlone bar on the first shelf. It’s listed at 5.50 Euros—a mark-up of, oh, about 400%.

In this world of chaos and uncertainty, how much should comfort cost?

(And is the reason why we Americans have to pay so much more in dollars to purchase that Toblerone related to our contribution to the world’s chaos and uncertainty?)

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