Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Munich and Me

I’ve just flown back from Munich, where I was pedalling my Internet wares to some Germans. They liked my Internet, and I liked their pretzels. So we swapped.

They also opened their coats to reveal little strudel cakes, which I simply couldn’t resist. I had to have one. I bit into the strudel discreetly as I continued to wax poetic about the Internet to my interlocutor. The first problem was that I had no napkin and so instead was using my Black Berry, giving it a bad case of sugar dandruff. And what the Bberry didn’t catch my black skirt certainly did.

I looked like a winter wonderland princess.

I looked very professional.

1 comment:

Obake said...

I'm convinced that powdered sugar, while tasty, has the express purpose of making anyone who eats it look silly!