Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bargaining in Bogota

Last week, standing at the counter of a gift shop at the Bogota airport, trying to use the remainder of my pesos:

Me: I have 30,000 pesos. What is your best coffee?

Girl: We have many "best" coffees but none that cost as much as 30,000 pesos (you stupid, rich gringa don't you think everyone asks me this?)

Me: Okay, well give me one of the bests. How about with what I have left you give me your best chocolate?

Girl: Here is one of our best chocolate bars.

Me: Anything else local?

Girl: Take this [see photo]—torta de arequipe.

Me: Hmm. I don’t like caramel-y things. I don’t think I want this.

Girl: Yes you do. See, the man next to you [points to French man] just bought it, too. I will give you all these chocolates, too.

Me: They don’t look very good either. I’ll just keep my remaining pesos (and use them on that People en espanol magazine at the other stand)

Girl: No you won’t. These are my pesos and you will eat this chocolate and enjoy the local taste of Colombia.


BLOOD AMBITION 2007 said...

Are you enjoying the local taste of London yet? Hurry back!

Rosa said...

So... how did everything taste?

Moko said...

Blood ambition: I am in London, when are you guys playing?

Rosa: So good! Colombia is my new favorite country, although Argentina's alfajores are pretty hard to beat.

I have to admit that I'm not a big caramel fan, so arequipe as a spread doesn't excite me too much. But in a cake, and particularly as a filling, it's really great. I just wish I had gotten the torta de arequipe that had the sugar rooster on top of it, because that would have been even better.

And finally, the chocolates (Santander) were amazing. They deserve another post!

Just goes to show you that sometimes the cranky shopgirl really does know what's best for you and your pesos.