Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kara Chocolate Bar: Best When Stale!

You know those gift baskets people send doctors, teachers, and clients at the end of each year? The ones with the weird, supposedly gourmet cheeses that have such funny names that you assume they must be expensive; the ones that are full of straw and festive ribbons and have strawberry bon bon candies scattered throughout?

Well, my dad gets lots of them, and each year I go through them all, picking out the good things—Ghiradelli chocolate sauce, Napa Valley wine—and throwing away the questionable items (pasteurized cheese anyone?). Then I sort everything in the pantry and pat myself on the back with pride, happy to know I have once again reduced chaos in the world.

However, this past year—horror of horrors!—I seem to have missed a basket, because this past week at my parents’ house I stumbled upon one big basket sitting astride the Igloo cooler. All that was left inside were the requisite bon bons, a jar of pickles, and a lone chocolate bar: the Kara Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar.

Even four months after its expiration date, Kara’s bar shines on. In fact, the staleness of it disappears if you just resolve to suck on the pieces slowly rather than try to chew it. What a fine piece of preservative-enhanced chocolate!

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