Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cows, Chocolate, and Cadbury

Tonight as I sat in my rocking chair, listening to the howling wind, I dipped a corner of a madeleine into my teacup and was suddenly transported to the time of my youth, when I lived freely amidst 500 cows in the Pre-Alps of Switzerland.

In those days I was young and rosy-cheeked, and spent my days gazing down to the valley, where the shimmering outline of the Cailler chocolate factory called to me like an oasis in the desert. I wondered what it would be like to enter its chocolate waters.

Then one day my aunt and I made an outing into The City!—Fribourg (population 33,000!)—and she left me to wander by mself for an hour. I don't know how it happened but somehow I found myself standing alongside a little-watched corner of the Villard chocolate factory, where someone had left fifteen OPEN cases of Villard chocolate eggs outside.
I stared. They stared back. I stared again. And they said “Take us! Free us! Eat us!”

Did I do it? Maybe.
No, actually, I got scared. Switzerland, after all, is a country where they put you in jail if you try to throw out your trash on any day other than the one assigned to your neighbourhood.

But I will say that if I had done it I at least would’ve done it for something better than this Lancashire thief, who’s surely wishing he had stolen something better than crappy Cadbury Flake bars.

p.s. Thanks to the Informed Reader for pointing me to this story. No thanks to the Informed Reader for not having sent some chocolate along with his tip.

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