Sunday, May 20, 2007

Moro: Take Me Back to the Old Country!

Many years ago I dated a boy whose family had escaped from Cuba to Florida during la revolución. His mother told me that when she first walked into an American supermarket she was overwhelmed by the colorful rows of cereal boxes. She wasn’t used to having Rice Krispies, Cocoa Puffs, Muesli, Corn Flakes, and so forth to choose from; she was used to Revolution Flakes, and that was it.

She ended up leaving the store empty handed because (pause, something important’s coming here) life just gets a lot harder when you have so many choices to make.

Now were I a WRITER I would turn that anecdote into some larger story about America and consumerism and freedom and maybe even George Bush. But as I’m not one of those types I’m going to move right along into something more impotant: Cadbury’s MORO bar.

It’s thanks to this bar (which I bought in Ireland a few weeks ago), that I think I understand the Cuba refugee experience. The bar’s got way too many things going on, with a standard Cadbury chocolate shell followed by a layer of caramel that encircles a tube of nougat and crème. My head started spinning as I tried to distinguish one part from another, or to choose which taste I wanted to attack first. With each bite I dreamed of a simpler time, when Snickers and Hershey bars presented a simple formula for reaching satiety.

However, note that while the Cuban woman walked out of the store, crushed by consumerism, I conquered my confusion and swallowed the entire Moro bar whole.


Robin said...

How do you pronounce Moro? As More-O. As the Spanish moro (or is it morro that means something lame and dull)? Or to rhyme with moko and start my last name?

Moko said...

My lack of interest in investigating this beyond the first hit off Google leads to this statement:

Moro was first launched in New Zealand and/or South Africa by Cadbury's. Therefore it is in honor of the Maori peoples, as is (one could argue tho' it's not true) Moko's own moniker.

Second theory (not from Google but Moko herself): this is the bar that gives you more. M-O-R-E. More of what you love. Hence, More-o :)

Moko said...

I'd also like to add Mr. Robin that you have linked to an empty blogger profile page. How can you be such a tease?!?