Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Moko Shares Her Diet Recipes

Most sugar free things are really disgusting.

But not sugar-free Jell-O pudding, which is my new favorite thing (after previous favorite things: Fruit-tella , Revels, and Kin'pos).

You could prepare the pudding the way they tell you to on the pack: three cups of skim milk and a bunch of the pudding powder. But if you do it The Moko way you'll get better results, so use low or full-fat milk, then add three tablespoons of sugar.

You may think that increases the caloric value of the pudding, and you’d be right. But when you think that research shows that consuming lots of dairy each day can lead to weight loss I think you come out about even. Maybe.

Also, if you buy them in America you can usually buy five for $1, so you save money that you could use to your gym membership. Maybe.


joe said...

That pudding looks real appetizing. I've got to buy some, looks really tasty.

Robin said...

Seriously, how does the Moko maintain your Nordic goddess slenderness amid this onslaught of sugar and chocolate? Has she sold the devil a slice of the action?

megan said...

hmm, not sure "slender" is the word I'd use. My mums just came to visit and observed that--could it be?--I have the love handles of a beer-guzzling, college frat boy.

sugarsandsalts said...

This year is my first time in my life have to get on a diet.I was thinking and taking advice with good people's advice/diet experts;)
Bingo, Jello is another good idea.

Moko said...

Jello solves everything.

I remember even the frat boys at my college were able to use it to get freshman girls drunk and take advantage of them. Jello shots--who knew???

BLOOD AMBITION 2007 said...

On the Jello-shots tip, my friend just came up with an idea to launch date rape into the year 3000: Otter Goggles. They're basically alcoholic Otter Pops with ugly otter caricatures on the front that somehow become hotter otter cartoons when the treat is frozen. (Hotter otters when they're frozen? The irony!) Did you know that otters masturbate? Creepy!