Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Belgium, Explain Yourself!

Near the end of his life, Baudelaire left Paris and made his way to Belgium, where he believed he’d find a more civilized way of life.

Instead, he found that Belgium was little more than a caricature of la France and wrote a massive diatribe against the poor country, called Pauvre Belgique.

Now I’m not saying Baudelaire was right, but if there’s anything Beligum’s got wrong it’s the seashell chocolates. The country does perfectly fine chocolates, so what’s with the tyranny of the seashells? It seems they are made specifically to target American tourists who are on their way to my house.

Belgium—what gives? Why the seashells? The Hawaiians are by the ocean, too, but you don’t see them trying to sell everything to us in fish shapes.


BLOOD AMBITION 2007 said...

Are you making fun of me?

Oh wait, I don't do housewarming gifts.

Phew, in the clear.

Anonymous said...

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Moko said...


the moko has arrived!

bikoko said...

don't give "information" about the chocolate to the moko, the moko only needs the chocolate.

And about seashell, seashell because moules frites?