Monday, May 14, 2007

Turndown Service

Having travelled the world to peddle her Internet wares, the Moko is well acquainted with hotel turndown services. To be blunt, the Moko thinks they are all a waste of time. After all, the Moko, just like most other able-bodied travlers, is perfectly able to turndown her own bed, fluff her own pillow, and pull the curtains down in her own room.

Most of the time the Moko refuses turndown service—in part on principle but also so as to not have to hide her piggish, pile of clothes from the cleaning lady's judgmental gaze.

However, there are times when turndown service yields great rewards; for example, when there is chocolate involved. While in Argentina a few weeks ago the cleaning ladies and I came to a wonderful understanding. Each night around 7 p.m. they rang the doorbell. I would open and they would say, “Would you like turndown service?”, I answered, “No but my husband and I will have those delicious chocolates you left last night,” to which they would respond “very good,” hand me a bunch of chocolates (and double the normal amount in account of my fake husband), and then smil and go on their way. I saved them one bed to turn down, and in the process walked away with something special myself.

I like to think I change someone's life each day. Refusing turndown service but accepting their chocolates is just one way I give back to the world.

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Anonymous said...

Humanitarian to the core!!