Sunday, June 10, 2007

Free Chocolate!

Every time I see offers for free candy samples they seem to only be available to U.S. residents--as if Americans need to be eating more candy! It's like sending credit cards to people who are in debt--who would do such a crazy thing?

Not to mention that Americans already have access to some of the best sugar products in the world. It really isn't fair.

But this time it's my turn to laugh in the face of my compatriots and offer my Mokoites this freebie, from Cadbury's new dark chocolate range. And guess what? IT'S ONLY AVAILABLE TO UK RESIDENTS.

(Don't fret, my American friends, you're probably not missing out on much. After all, this is Cadbury, which uses the same chocolate for all of its bars and simply twists them into different shapes to create a new bar. They also tried to poison a bunch of us UK-ers a few months back so maybe this free trial is just another guinea pig test run.)


Robin said...

I had high hopes at the start of the post that the Moko had found it in her heart to forgive Cadbury. The forgiving-cadbury heart zone still has yet to be discovered, apparently.

Moko said...


yes, that's right

Anonymous said...

its great ! taste is best . i like it , best company .