Sunday, June 24, 2007

Reunited with an Old Favorite

Nerds are one of my favorite candies ever.

They make no pretense of being anything but pure sugar: they don't come in animal shapes, “natural” colors, or surrounded by bread. They’re simply nuggets of sugar, colored in purple, pink, turquoise, red, etc. (And when you've really hit the jackpot they're double dipped...though I haven't seen those for years.)

The best part is that with just three handfuls you have enough Nerds potency coursing through your veins that you can begin to spit in color. I spent much of my childhood spitting down grape happy faces and mutlicolored rainbows on my driveway.

I tried it again last weekend at a wedding--when no one was looking--and I’m pleased to announce that the Nerds of ’07 are as synthetic and powerful as the Nerds of my childhood. I made a pretty purple tree on the cement walkway, which I thought of as a nice, additional wedding present with which to honor the bride and groom.

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