Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Tyranny of Fondant

Listen up restaurants, this one’s for you.

Stop it with the chocolate fondants. Just stop it.

I know you want to establish yourself as a chic, trendy restaurant; that you think nothing spells decadence like chocolate sauce oozing from an otherwise tidy little cake; that the fact that you call it “chocolate bomb” or “fondant extreme,” and put a handful of raspberries or some stem ginger alongside it means you can charge 10 bucks.

But I am not fooled. Your fondant is nothing but a muffin with some chocolate syrup inside. I am on to your game.


Jon said...

The universe started with a big bang; establishing chef's choose the greatest metaphor of all for their world-changing desserts. Surely, it seems an appropriate parallel for the ambitions of the dessert menu at my local Turkish dive.

bikoko said...

I always thought the fondant to be the "back up" dessert, the one that is a must have on the dessert menu so that there will always be something nice to eat.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't McDonalds now make something similar to a chocolate fondant?