Sunday, July 08, 2007

ChocoPod: Mexican-French-Californian fusion chocolate bonbon fusion pod fusion

This past week I was in Mountain View, California for work and was walking along Castro St. when I passed a restaurant touting Indian-Mexican fusion cuisine. Over the years I’ve seen plenty of fusion successes (Nobu) and disasters (the infamous NYC-Chinese burrito with white rice), and who knows?—maybe Indian-Mexican really is the next big thing (daal enchilada anyone?) But I’m not sure. Can fusion go a bit too far?

Take ChocoPods, which arrived on my doorstep this week courtesy of Chuao Chocolatier. The chocolate itself is amazing—Venezuelan 60% cacao—and is one of the best tasting American chocolates I’ve had in recent times.

But degustation-ing the pod fillings—banana brown sugar caramel, spicy cabernet caramael, strawberry & balsamic caramel, and passion fruit caramel—is a bit like walking into a trendy restaurant where the waiter serves you up a Thai toro ceviche crisp with a condescending curl of the lip: if you don’t like it, there’s clearly something wrong with you.

Well, my unsophisticated palate recorded the following:
- Strawberry & balsamic caramel won no fans among my three testers, nor did passion fruit caramel.
- Spicy Macadamia Praline was ruled good by all.
- Picante and Banana was a huge hit among my two other tasters, but I didn’t like them and
my opinion counts more.

Note: My brother, who’s been drinking one too many cervezas lately, appreciated the 60-calorie-per-pod declaration on the package.

ChocoPod score: 6

Cost score (5.75 USD for 6): 8

Score if they ditch the fillings: 9

Score if Chuao can tell my neighborhood chocolatier, Paul A Young, to also stop doing crazy stuff with his fillings: 10

Score if Chuao ever sends me another sample ever again after reading this: 10


cybele said...

Chocopods are available without fillings: spicy maya and nutmeg.

Moko said...

Ooh, wish I had gotten those!