Friday, August 03, 2007

Coworker Wants Candy

One of my coworkers has been dressing quite well these days and it seems his sartorial prowess has gone to his head, making him think his expertise extends to other realms. This morning, before I had even reached my desk, he accosted me in the mini-kitchen and accused Moko of devoting her blog to her personal life. “I read your blog to read about candy” he said, apparently not realizing that Moko’s views on candy are entirely uninformative, biased, and spotty; and for that reason at least half of her blog is about her seen through her candy-colored spectacles.

Luckily, just two feet away from Critical Coworker was the answer to his insult: Galin Fruit Bar, brought back as “a gift from Persia” by another worker. So in the name of responding to my reader/coworker’s complaint, here is my candy review, no Moko attached.

Galin Fruit Bars are fantastic—have any of you tried them? They’re like fruit roll ups but way bigger and stickier, and in flavours like sour cherry and dogberry.

Woohoo. That was fun. Two sentences.


Anonymous said...

eh, i think this post could have been reduced to those two sentences. now excuse me, i have some ironing to do...

Moko said...

would you rather have me blogging about your outfits? :)