Monday, August 20, 2007

Dark Chocolate M&Ms!

You may have noticed that while I take great delight in attacking Cadbury’s—while praising Hershey’s excellence in mediocre chocolate craft—I have yet to enter into the U.S. M&Ms vs. U.K. Smarties debate. This wasn’t because I somehow had gone all treasonous on my beautiful America, but rather because I thought I should reserve my disdain for just a handful of U.K. specialties: namely, Cadbury’s, trifle, and the rain.

But all of this changed this past weekend in Chicago, where I had the chance to sample M&Ms newest incarnation: Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms.

As with all Peanut M&Ms, you have to spit out the peanut if you really want it to taste good, but this new dark chocolate mix is so good you can almost leave the peanut in and not realize you are consuming gross nuts—yes, that’s how good it is.

Take that, Smarties! Nothing you can do in your pastel-colored happy box can beat my little American wonder heroes now!

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