Sunday, August 05, 2007

If Only the Future Really Looked Like This...

The Informed Reader pointed me to this: a machine that makes objects out of sugar.

The article was too long and used far too many big words to keep me reading, but the point as far as I'm concerned is that 1) I could make my own candy with this, and 2) our future could be made of sugar. My newspaper could be sugar, the big screw that I want to put into a really big door could be sugar.

Very exciting.

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Jon said...

and, if you need to balance out your tastes, might I recommend the Wieliczka salt mines? They have a recreation of the last supper made of salt. And in 2005, CNN posted a piece on it titled: "Polish mine is a salt on the senses." That alone should earn it the a dubious distinction of some sort, no?