Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lufthansa, I Lieben You Not

On yesterday's flight to Hamburg Lufthansa screwed me over twice, warranting a blog post and a resurfacing of my Moko Meter. Behold the evidence:

First, Heidi the Stewardess hands out meat meals to all. The meal consists of some sort of schnitzel fest, plus a Bounty chocolate bar. When Heidi reaches my seat, I politely remind her of my vegetarian meal request, and she smiles, then proceeds to hand me two slices of brown bread, apologizing for not having anything to put between the two slices. Worse, she does not give me a Bounty bar, despite my kind suggestion that Bounty's are vegetarian and that at least one--if not more--should be given to me.

Second, who gives Bounty bars as a dessert anyway? Even if I had been given one I would have been totally outraged.

What a cheap airline.

Lufthansa, I give you a 2 on the Moko Meter!

(P.S. I haven't figured out the range of the scale yet, but I'm sure 2 will be a low number on it.)


Anonymous said...

ohh cut the crap:))

Los Seagullos said...

Those "sandwiches" are really not bread! Theyre just baked paper!!!

Though, Lufthansa's screwed me up too, when i went from Barcelona to Frankfurt, and then on to Hamburg, they lost my baggage, in bloody Barcelona! F*** Them!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fighting on the behalf of the Vegetarians! I would have written a serious complaint letter. Sometimes...someone will listen.