Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oddfellows: So Good, They're Great

One of my favourite things about travelling is that it gives me an excuse to sample the local candy wares. Even better, there’s nothing L. ( ever concerned about my health) can do to stop me because he knows it’s all for a higher purpose: giving you, the Mokoites, the most cutting edge candy news. Of course, sometimes he raises an eyebrow or two when I argue that travelling to the local Tesco warrants a new candy exploration, but for the most part L. is pretty lenient as far as candy-minders go.

We spent this past weekend in Sussex, which has a lot of cows and green things you don’t see in London. (There, now you don’t even need to go! Moko Wants Candy satisfies your foreign travel fix, just like a trip to Vegas to see the Egyptian pyramids..but even cheaper and without the hairy men with gold chains!)

Anyway, this is what a trip to Sussex yields: Oddfellows (which btw I think have nothing to do with Sussex).

These are fantastic: 100% uncut, unadulterated, sweet sweet sugar. ..with just a hint of spicy liquorice (but not in a gag-me-in-my-grandmother’s-car kind of way like most liquorice candies).

Turns out you can also get your hands on them here.


Anonymous said...

You'll have to bring some to your mother country for sampling while we review American spelling rules!! It seems you've let the Brits coloUr your life with U's.

Moko said...

Fillet Of Cod Frank Bough ya bloody merchant banker .